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제목 Question about alien 날짜 2016.05.20 00:52
글쓴이 Ken Kuroiwa 조회 971
Hi Korea pilot school staff.

I have FAA and JCAB Private Pilot License and medical.?My total flight time is over 90h.
Recently, I moved to Seoul for work. So, I had Class-D visa and alien registration card.?
But, I lost chance for flight.?If I can, I would like to flight with yours for maintain my flight skill
e.g. Traffic pattern, Stall, slow flight and basic inst flight(VOR tracking and ILS approach with VFR)
In addition, my flight was almost C172P. I used PA28, BE76(multi ENG)

Please give me more information using English.


조혜원 (2016.05.24 11:15)
I called you yesterday and I think your questions were answered.
If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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